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Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Jicama

Jicama is a tuber, just like a potato. It has thick, brown pores and skin and white, crisp, juicy flesh. Jicama root is also called Mexican jam bean, Mexican potato, sweet turnip, or Mexican turnip. While jicama may be sliced and loved uncooked, you could additionally encompass jicama in recipes to take advantage of the vitamins that the vegetable offers. Jicama can also be a low-carb alternative.

Jicama Nutrition Facts

The following vitamin records are supplied by the USDA for 1 cup (120g) of raw jicama slices.


Jicama is a superb supply of carbohydrates. There are 3 distinct styles of carbohydrates in a 1-cup serving of this root vegetable.

Because of the excessive fiber content in jicama, it is taken into consideration as a low-glycemic food. The glycemic load of this vegetable is approximately 10. The glycemic load considers the serving size of meals as nice. A glycemic load of much less than 10 is ideal to have little impact on blood glucose reaction.


Jicama is a naturally low-fat meal, supplying much less than 1 gram of significant polyunsaturated fat according to serving. Polyunsaturated fats are considered “true” fat because they guide heart fitness when you pick them in preference to saturated fats.


There is most effective a small quantity of protein in jicama. A serving provides the simplest 2% of your each day protein needs if you devour a 2,000-calorie in line with the day weight loss program.

Vitamins and Minerals

Jicama is a superb source of diet C (L-ascorbic acid). A serving includes 24 milligrams of the vitamin—approximately 40% of your daily advocated needs. Our bodies do not synthesize vitamin C evidently, so ingesting meals with nutrition C is important for top bone shape, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also aids in the absorption of iron and promotes wound recovery.

Jicama affords a small quantity of nutrition E (0.6 milligrams or 4% of reference day-by-day intake), folate (4% of RDI), vitamin B6 (three% of RDI), thiamin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid (2% each).

Jicama additionally gives a boost of potassium, with a single serving containing 195 milligrams, or about 6% of your day-by-day wishes.

Health Benefits

The most significant benefits of such as jicama on your food regimen come from its high fiber content and its attention to Cenforce 120 mg.

Decreases Disease Risk

Fiber supports your fitness in many extraordinary methods. Not only does fiber support digestion and regularity, but it additionally presents many other health advantages, which include lowering the chance of some sorts of cancer, weight problems, cardiovascular ailment, and diabetes.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It has been proven to regenerate different antioxidants within the frame, inclusive of vitamin E. Antioxidants may additionally assist to save you or delay the development of sure cancers, cardiovascular ailments, and other diseases, even though research is ongoing about the quantity of the health advantages that Vidalista Pill can offer.

Promotes Good Bacteria

The prebiotic, fermentable fiber in jicama contributes to a wholesome gut microbiome, the colony of “right” microorganisms inside the digestive tract. Research, which includes a 2018 look at periodontal disease, is also investigating how prebiotics might sell fitness by way of assisting helpful microorganisms in the mouth.


Even though jicama is a legume (and as a result, a relative to common allergens like peanuts and soy), there is the best one mentioned the case of jicama hypersensitive reaction in the medical literature. If you experience hypersensitive reaction signs, together with itching or swelling around the mouth, after ingesting jicama, are searching for medical recommendations to diagnose and deal with your condition.

Adverse Effects

While the flesh of the jicama is secure to devour, different components of the jicama plant aren’t safe for human or animal intake. The stems and seeds of the jicama plant incorporate an occurring compound this is used as an insecticide to kill fish. The compound, called rotenone, is poisonous.

In animals, rotenone has caused vomiting, incoordination, muscle tremors, and clonic convulsions. Cardiovascular results include tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), hypotension (low blood pressure), and ent extreme situat, includinge of death. While humans won’t enjoy signs and symptoms this severe with exposure to small quantities, it is first-class to keep away from ingesting other elements of the yam bean or jicama plant.


There are two predominant forms of jicama. Jicama de agua is typically grown and fed within the U.S. It has a massive spherical root and clear juices. Jicama de leche has an extra elongated root and its juices are milky white.

When It’s Best

You can typically buy jicama 12 months-spherical at your local market, however, it is first-class between October and March. Look for a jicama that has easy skin and seems heavy for its length. Choose a medium-sized vegetable, given that large ones tend to be much less flavorful.

Storage and Food Safety

Jicama ought to live fresh for about weeks while stored inside the fridge. Cover any uncovered areas with plastic wrap to minimize air exposure (even though jicama doesn’t turn brown when exposed to air, as other culmination and veggies can).

How to Prepare?

Remove jicama’s hard brown skin using a paring knife or vegetable peeler earlier than eating or cooking. Even though jicama seems like a potato, the flavor is much like a savory apple. It has a crisp texture and a nutty taste.

Add jicama to your list of produce to slice and revel in raw. Add it to a crudité platter or devour it like a carrot. Dipping it into hummus, salsa, or savory dip is one of the simplest methods to enjoy this root vegetable. Or use jicama as a healthful salad topper, in coleslaw, or this Asian shrimp salad. Add salsa with corn and black beans or stuff it into spring rolls.

While jicama is deliciously uncooked, it can additionally be cooked. You may attempt adding jicama to your favorite stir-fry or sautéing with onions and peppers for a twist on hash browns or home fries. Use like you’ll a potato or water chestnut.

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